Pet Food Conveyor Solutions from Dorner Conveyors

Dorner is a leading provider of efficient and hygienic conveyor systems for the pet food industry. With a commitment to enhancing productivity, quality, and safety, we offer a wide range of conveyor solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of pet food manufacturers.

Pet Food Conveyor Solutions

Benefits of Dorner Conveyors for the Pet Food Industry

From ingredient handling and processing to packaging and distribution, Dorner conveyors are designed to streamline operations, improve product quality, and ensure compliance with stringent food safety regulations.

Enhanced Efficiency and Throughput

Dorner conveyors optimize product flow, minimizing bottlenecks and increasing overall production capacity. With features like adjustable speed controls and efficient product transfers, manufacturers can achieve higher throughput rates without compromising quality.

Improved Product Quality

Gentle handling and controlled speed options ensure product integrity throughout the manufacturing process. Dorner conveyors are designed to minimize product damage in pet food production, like breakage or degradation, ensuring the final product meets the highest quality standards.

Superior Sanitation and Hygiene

Easy-to-clean designs, high pressure washdown-rated materials, and self-draining frames promote a hygienic production environment. Dorner’s AquaPruf and AquaGard series conveyors are built with sanitation in mind, featuring smooth surfaces, crevice-free designs, and FDA-approved materials that prevent bacterial growth and contamination.

Reduced Operational Costs

Durable construction and energy-efficient features minimize maintenance requirements and energy consumption. Dorner conveyors are built to withstand the rigors of continuous operation, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements. Additionally, energy-saving options like automatic sleep modes and efficient motor technology help lower overall operating costs.

Increased Worker Safety

Ergonomic designs and automated systems reduce manual handling, enhancing worker safety and comfort. Dorner conveyors can be customized with safety features such as guarding, emergency stops, and interlocked access points to prevent accidents and ensure compliance with workplace safety regulations.

Scalability and Flexibility

Modular designs and customizable options allow for easy adaptation to changing production needs. As pet food manufacturers expand their product lines or update their processes, our conveyors can be easily reconfigured or expanded to accommodate new requirements.

Minimized Downtime

Reliable performance and quick maintenance procedures reduce unplanned downtime, maximizing productivity. Dorner conveyors are designed for easy access to critical components, allowing for swift maintenance and cleaning tasks that minimize interruptions to production schedules.

Key Applications of Dorner Conveyors in the Pet Food Industry

Dorner offers solutions to meet the needs of every step in pet food production operations. From processing raw ingredients to inspecting and packaging finished pet food products, we offer customized solutions to meet the unique needs of your operation, including:
Learn more about our key applications for the pet food industry below.

Ingredient Handling

From dry grains and powders to raw meats and vegetables, Dorner’s conveyor solutions address the diverse challenges in handling various pet food ingredients. The AquaGard Series conveyors — like the AquaGard GT and AquaGard LP — are ideal for handling packaged ingredients while minimizing dust generation and ensuring easy cleaning. For raw ingredient handling, the AquaPruf Series conveyors offer superior sanitation and hygiene features, complying with stringent food safety regulations.
Efficient ingredient elevation is also crucial in pet food production, and Dorner’s inclined conveyors — like the AquaPruf Z-Frame and AquaGard Cleated Belt conveyors — provide reliable and gentle handling at various angles of inclination. These conveyors optimize floor space utilization and ensure consistent product transfer between processing stages.
To further optimize ingredient handling, we also offer a range of accessories and customization options, like hoppers, chutes, and drip pans. Conveyors can also be easily integrated with inspection systems, such as metal detectors and photo eye sensors to further automate the production and packaging process. Working closely with pet food manufacturers, Dorner develops comprehensive solutions that meet your specific needs, prioritizing hygiene, efficiency, and product integrity.

Sanitation and Washdown

Maintaining a hygienic production environment is crucial in pet food manufacturing. Dorner’s AquaPruf and AquaGard series conveyors are designed for easy cleaning and sanitation. With high pressure and chemical washdown-rated materials, crevice-free designs, and self-draining frames, these conveyors minimize the risk of water pooling and bacterial growth. The AquaPruf conveyors’ open-frame designs also allows for fast and thorough cleaning, ensuring compliance with food safety regulations.

Processing and Manufacturing

During the processing stage, our conveyors ensure pet food products maintain their integrity and quality. Gentle handling conveyors with smooth surfaces prevent damage to delicate kibble shapes or treats, while controlled speed options allow for consistent product flow without causing breakage or deformation.

Packaging and Distribution

Efficient packaging and distribution are essential for pet food manufacturers. The AquaGard GT Conveyor offers flexibility in tight spaces and can easily adapt to changing packaging line layouts. Garvey Accumulators, available through Dorner, provide buffering and product flow control between packaging equipment, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations. These solutions optimize packaging processes, reduce downtime, and improve overall efficiency.

Integration and Automation

Dorner conveyors are designed for seamless integration with other processing and packaging equipment, as well as with advanced control systems and automation platforms. This allows pet food manufacturers to create fully integrated production lines that optimize efficiency, reduce manual intervention, and improve overall line management. Our experienced team works closely with customers to develop comprehensive solutions that meet their specific automation needs.

Dorner's Sanitary Stainless Steel Conveyor Solutions for the Pet Food Industry

AquaGard Conveyors

AquaGard conveyors are BISCC-approved and designed for dry wipe-down and low-pressure wash applications. These conveyors are perfect for packaged pet foods, machine infeed and outfeed, and canning processes.

AquaGard LP Packaged Food - transparent

AquaGard LP Conveyors

  • Loads up to 22.7 kg (50 lbs)
  • Low profile, belted sanitary conveyor
530A9817 copy

AquaGard GT Conveyors

  • Loads up to 317.5 kg (700 lbs)
  • Flexible chain conveyor
FDA approved belting and plastic components.

AquaGard 7350 Conveyors

  • Loads up to 341 kg (750 lbs)
  • Available in flat, cleated, or modular belting

AquaPruf Conveyors

Rated for high-pressure and chemical washdowns, these conveyors are designed for the highest level of sanitation. AquaPruf conveyors are the premier choice for handling raw meats and ingredients, ready-to-eat pet foods, and bulk dry food.

A modular AquaPruf conveyor from Dorner with a curved design to save space.

AquaPruf Conveyors

  • Loads: up to 98 kg per square meter (20 lbs per square foot)
  • Available in flat, cleated, or modular belting
A Dorner AquaPruf conveyor belt transports hamburger patties.

AquaPruf Ultimate Conveyors

  • 3-A Certified for raw meat, poultry, and dairy
  • Available with iDrive2 internally mounted drive roller
Dorner AquaPruf VBT Conveyor

AquaPruf VBT Conveyors

  • Vertical belt technology
  • Designed for bulk product transport

Accumulation Systems from Garvey

Garvey’s accumulation systems are constructed with stainless steel framing and are ideal for packaged food, bottling, canning, and pharmaceutical applications. The wide range of accumulation system sizes and features means each Garvey accumulator is built to your exact needs and specifications. 


Garvey Infinity Accumulator

Large scale accumulation and distribution system.

garvey biflo two lane accumulation conveyor

Garvey BiFlo Accumulator

Small footprint recirculation and accumulation table.

Sustainability in Pet Food Production with Dorner Conveyors

Dorner is committed to supporting sustainability efforts in the pet food industry by providing conveyor solutions that minimize environmental impact, reduce waste, and promote energy efficiency. Our conveyors are designed with sustainability in mind, incorporating eco-friendly features and materials that contribute to a greener production process.

Sustainable Conveyor Design

Durable and Long-lasting Systems

Reduced Waste in Pet Food Production

How Dorner Is Streamlining Pet Food Production

Operational Excellence

At Dorner, our conveyors optimize processes, reduce waste, and improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). By providing reliable, efficient, and easily maintainable conveyor solutions, we help pet food manufacturers like you achieve operational excellence and maximize production potential.

Lean Manufacturing Principles

Our solutions support lean manufacturing practices, enabling continuous improvement and waste reduction. By designing conveyors that minimize product damage, optimize product flow, and reduce changeover times, Dorner helps manufacturers implement lean principles and improve their overall operational efficiency.

A Trusted Partner

With extensive industry experience and a customer-centric approach, Dorner is committed to your success. Our team of expert engineers and project managers work closely with pet food manufacturers to understand their unique challenges and develop customized conveyor solutions that meet their specific needs.

Customized Solutions for Every Stage

From ingredient handling to packaging, Dorner offers tailored conveyor solutions to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need a conveyor for gentle handling of delicate treats, high-speed packaging of finished products, or efficient transport of raw ingredients, we have the expertise and product range to deliver a solution that fits seamlessly into your production process.

Enhancing Your Pet Food Production with Dorner's Comprehensive Services

Installation Services

Dorner’s skilled installation team offers on-site support to ensure the proper setup and integration of your custom or standard Dorner conveyors. Our experienced engineers focus on safety and efficiency throughout the installation process, from delivery and staging to final commissioning and training. Whether you opt for internal installation or work with a third-party provider, a dedicated Dorner service manager will oversee the process to guarantee a seamless implementation.

Training Services

Dorner is committed to providing comprehensive training to help your team maximize the potential of your conveyor system. Our training programs include group and individual sessions covering safety protocols, troubleshooting techniques, and maintenance procedures. We also offer extensive resources, such as online guides, instructional videos, and access to knowledgeable support staff, ensuring your team has the tools and knowledge needed for long-term success.

Exceptional Aftermarket Support

As your dedicated partner, Dorner provides ongoing support throughout the entire lifecycle of your conveyor system. Our 24/7 parts availability ensures you have quick access to replacement components whenever necessary. Additionally, a Dorner service expert can perform an on-site assessment to develop a customized spare parts list and identify potential maintenance requirements, helping you minimize unplanned downtime.
To further support your operations, we offer a tailored preventative maintenance program designed to meet your unique needs. This program begins with a complimentary initial site evaluation and includes a customized proposal. Some of the key services provided in the conveyor maintenance program are:
By partnering with Dorner and taking advantage of our comprehensive services, you not only receive top-quality conveyor systems but also gain a dedicated ally focused on optimizing your pet food manufacturing operations for long-term success.

Pet Food Conveyors from Dorner: Custom-Engineered for Diverse Product Handling & Peak Efficiency

Our conveyors are found in fast-paced production lines around the world. When your assembly line is running smoothly and performing efficiently, your company can move faster and smarter. To find out more about Dorner’s professional automation services, call us today at 1-800-397-8664.


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