E-Commerce Conveyor Solutions

The E-Commerce market is fast-paced and continuously growing in demand. At Dorner, we understand the importance of ensuring the safe, accurate, and on-time fulfillment of your parcels and packages.

Dorner’s E-Commerce conveyor systems are available for fast delivery with standard conveyor systems shipping within 3-4 weeks!

Benefits of Dorner E-Commerce Conveyor Systems

E-Commerce Conveyors in Action

3200 Series Conveyors

Dorner’s 3200 Series Conveyors are ideal for long runs, heavy loads, 24 hour operation, and the continuous demands of E-Commerce, parcel and package handling applications. Available in belted and modular belt models and straight, curves, inclines, declines, and LPZ (Z-Frame) configurations, and come standard with the piece of mind of the Dorner 10-year warranty

Dorner also has a complete line of supporting conveyors to optimize your system. Our other E-Commerce conveyor options include: 

Engineered Solutions

Our Engineered Solutions Group is a full-service team of drafters, designers, project managers, electrical and mechanical engineers working together to evaluate your application and design a custom E-Commerce conveyor system that meets your efficiency goals and objectives. Using 3D simulation software we can help you visualize the process and ensure the optimal process and solution.

Dorner’s Engineered Solutions Group can support E-Commerce conveyor applications involving:


Our experienced engineering team can visit your facility to ensure your equipment is set up so that it performs at peak capacities. Our E-Commerce conveyor installation service is comprehensive, encompassing delivery, staging, setup and training on your equipment.

If you plan to manage installation internally or work with another contractor, we can send a certified Dorner service team member to act as an on-site supervisor.

Training can help reduce downtime and increase your team’s safety, efficiency and productivity levels. Dorner’s expert field services team delivers on-site training in safety, maintenance, troubleshooting and other areas.

Our E-Commerce conveyor training can be conducted in groups or with just a single team member. Our training can be held during or after conveyor installation. Your team will also have 24/7 access to first-rate online resources such as videos and guides.

Dorner offers an E-Commerce conveyor maintenance program that involves only labor or labor and parts. Our service starts with an on-site evaluation of your fulfillment conveyor(s). Once we assess your needs, we’ll produce a custom plan with our recommended service intervals.

Dorner’s E-Commerce conveyor maintenance program covers a wide range of tasks, from inspection and adjustments to debris removal and lubrication. If your business is on Dorner’s labor and parts plan, you will also receive a 10 percent discount on parts.

To discuss your unique E-Commerce conveyance requirements, please contact our customer service team by phone, email or chat.

E-Commerce Conveyors

2200 Belted Conveyors

  • Flat Belt End Drive, Cleated Belt End Drive, Center Drive, iDrive and Gravity Roller models
  • 1.75″ (44 mm) – 24″ (610 mm) widths
  • 1.5′ (457 mm) – 24′ (7,315 mm) lengths
  • Loads up to 120 lbs (54 kg)
  • Speeds up to 400 ft/min (122 m/min)
  • Optional common drive
  • CE Models Available

2200 Modular Belt Conveyors

  • Ladder-style, open frame construction for water and chemical drainage and air cooling.
  • All belts fully contained in UHMW guiding for maintenance free tracking.
  • Universal T-slot for ease and flexibility of adding accessories using industry available hardware.
  • Additional frame widths and expanded guiding and chain options.
  • Consolidated motor & control offerings.
2200 Series Gravity Roller

2200 Gravity Roller Conveyors

  • Loads up to 80 lbs/ft (119 kg/m)
  • Conveyor widths: 6″ (152 mm), 12″ (305 mm), 18″ (457 mm) and 24″ (610 mm)
  • Conveyor lengths: 2′ (610 mm) to 12′ (3,658 mm) in 6″ (152 mm) increments
  • Single piece frame lengths to 12′ long
  • Rollers: 1″ (25 mm) diameter rollers on 1.2″ (31 mm), 2.4″ (61 mm) or 3.6″ (91 mm) centers
  • Roller Material: Anodized aluminum tube with steel ball bearing
  • Side T-slot fits Dorner drop in hardware
  • T-slot fits standard M6 square nuts

2700 Medium Duty Conveyors

Featuring an increased weight rating and extended maximum width, the 2700 Series Medium Duty is designed for medium load conveyance in material handling and eCommerce applications. This conveyor includes v-guiding and precision belt tracking to eliminate belt sway even when the conveyor is wider than it is long.
The lightweight aluminum frame design makes the 2700 ideal for AGV/AMR applications and can carry a heavier payload without weighing down the robot. The increased width and low profile mounting also allow this conveyor to fit into smaller spaces while maintaining the strength needed to convey larger products.
metal free zone conveyors - Dorner 3200 Series Conveyor

3200 Belted Conveyors

  • Parts Transfers
  • Part Accumulation
  • Precision Part Movement
  • Part Incline / Decline Routing
  • Part Handling and Positioning
  • Automated and Manual Assembly

3200 Modular Belt Conveyors

  • Flush tail design locates bearing inside frame to fit in tight spaces
  • All belts fully contained in UHMW guiding for maintenance free tracking
  • Patented sprocket alignment key for worry free belt maintenance
  • Dual t-slot or patented Smart Slots® for flexibility and clean sided applications
  • Inboard type frame connection joint improves strength while keeping t-slots open
  • Stand mounts lock in into the frame for strength and durability, yet movable anywhere along frame length
  • Optional integrated power transfers for small part handling
  • Flexible belt containment system allows for tab or bearing retention method for up to 4 corner modules
3200 Series Modular Belt Options

3200 Series Conveyors with Intralox Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB) Technology

Adding an ARB conveyor into your line can improve the flexibility, efficiency, and accuracy of your operations. Additional benefits of integrating ARB conveyor solutions include:
  • Flexibility to handle multiple product sizes without the need for changeover
  • Minimizes floor space consumption
  • Increased system reliability
  • Eliminates costly system controls, reducing complexity
  • Encased moving parts provide safer work environments
  • Low maintenance solution
  • Handles product as small as 6″ x 6″

DCMove Belted Conveyor

The DCMove Belted Conveyor features an economic painted steel frame with options for a variety of fabric or rubber belting. This new conveyor system is also built with an internally mounted motor within the tails, further reducing the conveyor’s footprint and providing an easy-to-integrate conveyor package. With a sleek, flush-sides design, the DCMove easily fits into tight spaces and maximizes belt coverage.
In combination with Dorner’s v-guided belt tracking and precise rack and pinion belt tensioning, the features of the DCMove Belted Conveyor will better serve the logistics, e-commerce, and material handling industries.

FlexMove Conveyors

This flexible powered conveyor offers a flexible, high-performance conveying solution that is easy to configure and reconfigure. Suited for tight spaces, elevation needs, long lengths, and more, the FlexMove flexible conveyor belt system is a versatile option designed to help you maximize your efficiency.

FlexMove Alpine Conveyors

The Alpine Conveyor is a compact spiral configuration commonly used as an accumulation or elevating buffer zone between machines or as a process step for cooling or drying. It can also be used for line balancing or product changeover purposes.
Alpines can be configured as an elevating/ lowering system with a single or double serpentine configuration. Uses include an in-line accumulator with entry and exit at different levels, or an in-line or off-line accumulator with entry and exit at the same level.

FlexMove Helix Conveyors

  • Unique, flexible design provides greater flexibility in layout
    • Infeed and outfeed may be positioned at any height or angle
    • Custom infeed and outfeed lengths allow the conveyor to extend beyond spiral, reducing the number of conveyors required
  • Small foot print maximizes valuable floor space
  • Patented side roller chain reduces corner friction allowing for faster speeds and smooth product handling
  • Applications include accumulation, buffering, cooling product between processes or machines, and more!

FlexMove Twist Conveyors

Rotate products easily and efficiently with flexible chain twist conveyors.
  • Positively control the product during rotation
  • Provides product rotation for access to multiple sides of packages
  • No change over –can handle multiple package sizes at the same time
  • No product guiding required
  • Products do not need to be gapped or spaced
  • In-line transfers

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