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What Are Indexing Conveyors?

For fast-paced production facilities, indexing conveyors are an instrumental part of manufacturing operations. Offering speed, accuracy, and precision, indexing conveyors can help boost productivity and efficiency while reducing margin of errors. Dorner indexing conveyors are built to break production lines into defined steps for maximum drive and control depending on the manufacturing environment.

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Precision Indexing Conveyors

Precision conveyors are a type of belt conveyors used for manufacturing operations where a precise product or placement is needed. Generally, index conveyors include various degrees of precision depending on the manufacturing process itself.

The precision aspect is crucial, and a precision indexing conveyor can help achieve a high degree of automation with a lower margin of error. Precision conveyors use a positive drive-toothed conveyor belt that locks the belt position to end rollers to achieve a greater degree of precision.

Precision Indexing Conveyors

Industries that utilize indexing conveyors and positioning conveyors include:

What Roles Do Indexing and Positioning Conveyors Play in Manufacturing?

Dorner recognizes the integral role that equipment such as indexing conveyors plays for production facilities, which is why each machine is tailored for your operations. Because the applications are varied, indexing and positioning conveyors can play different roles depending on the volume output and manufacturing context.

Specific applications for indexing and positioning conveyors can include wide or sheet part handling, product elevation, robotic picking, and box filling, as well as automated assembly.

Indexing Conveyor Design

Index conveyor design varies greatly depending on the operation and manufacturing needs. The equipment is designed to provide flexibility and ease while still ensuring high production standards. Our custom automated precision conveyors are designed for sorting, counting, and spacing processes.

Dorner index conveyors have become a key type of equipment for manufacturers looking for solutions that allow for increased organization and positive user experience. Our tailored index conveyors are designed for speed and accuracy and tailored to your unique needs to ensure the best results possible.

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What Sets Dorner’s Design Apart From Other Conveyors

Dorner’s designs are renowned for how seamlessly they can fit into high volume and low volume manufacturing operations. Each custom solution is specifically designed to increase productivity levels while lowering the chances of errors. Some of the key qualities of Dorner’s index conveyors include:


Each solution is designed to ensure maximum flexibility depending on the nature of the manufacturing operation and can be adjusted based on production volume.

Tailored to User Experience

Our precision conveyors keep the user at the forefront in the design process, ensuring easy to use machinery that adapts to the manufacturing environment instantaneously.


Accuracy is key for manufacturing, and that is why it is at the heart of our designs. Each index conveyor is specially designed with custom precision automation to increase accuracy.

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Indexing Solutions

There are many ways to adapt indexing conveyor solutions to match specific manufacturing needs. For example, manufacturing facilities can use custom automation in precision conveyors for transitioning items through production, ensuring that items arrive at the right production points every time.

Indexing conveyor solutions can ensure consistent inventory counts and grouping products by specified quantities for maximum precision.

The automation in this type of precision conveyor canIn addition, each also is designed to reject groups with incorrect item counts to reduce the margin of error. Manufacturing facilities can also use them to create specific, even spacing between parts.

Positioning conveyors can be used to position products accurately for interface with robotics or other machines, such as manual case packers. They can also meter products into the next operation if necessary.

Indexing Conveyors for Low Volume

Indexing conveyors can be used for low volume manufacturing as the precision automation can be outfitted with custom sizing. This allows manufacturing facilities to utilize a small footprint

while still ensuring quality. Additionally, it minimizes margin of error and shortens indexing time so that operations can run efficiently while still maintaining optimum output levels.

Dorner Conveyors Indexing and Positioning Solutions
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Indexing Conveyors for High Volume

For high-volume manufacturing needs, indexing conveyors sizing can be customized as needed. Dorner indexing conveyors seamlessly integrate with other technologies and provide a variety of benefits. Precision conveyors can help create organization for simplified inventory. Index conveyors also help reduce manual labor costs, making it a cost-effective solution for increasing productivity and output.

Indexing Benefits

Indexing can be incredibly beneficial for both high volume and low volume manufacturing facilities for many reasons, including:

Indexing can help reduce manual labor costs

Reduce errors and boost productivity with custom precision automation

Index conveyors can operate on a smaller footprint while still increasing productivity.

Production lines move into defined steps over a shorter period of time to increase output.

Sizing can be customized to fit manufacturing facilities as needed

Smooth integration with other manufacturing equipment.

Inventory is simplified with organization through indexing.

How to Learn More

Dorner solutions can be customized according to needs to create the best solution for your indexing and automation needs. To learn more about implementing index and positioning conveyors and their benefits for your operation, please contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Indexing & Positioning Conveyors

We offer both fabric and modular belts for our indexing and positioning conveyors.

Our configurations include horizontal to incline, noseover, and z-frame.

Our industry leading warranty protects the original purchaser for ten years. This protection includes any material and workmanship defects under regular use, routine cleanings, and proper upkeep.