Specializing in metal stamping machinery.

Presses available in various configurations i.e. standard and ultra high speed, and small to larger tonnages.

We also offer a wide range of quality auxiliary and support equipment - noise enclosures - coil handling & feeding - scrap removal & handling - quick die change - die lubrication - press leveling & vibration.

Dallas Industries - Uncoiler, Coil Cars/ Upenders, Cradles/ Straighteners, Electronic Roll Feeder, Space Saver (Coil Cradle/ Straightener/ Feed Combination).
Dorner - Conveyors, low-profile, belt, washdown, and scrap conveyors for Metal Stamping and Material Handling Applications.
Hilma - Quick die and mold change systems.
Inmark - Industrial machine lighting products.
Minster - Mechanical power presses, stamping presses and related auxiliary equipment for the material forming industry.
Pax - Lube, In-Lube and In-Die Conveyor systems.
Prab - Manufactured and marketed a broad line of heavy-duty metal scrap handling and chip processing equipment serving the die casting, metal stamping and machined products industries.
Rapid Air - Air/Servo Feed and Coil Handling equipment.
  Stamping Specialties - Strip and Sheet Stock Oilers, automatically lubricates both sides of metal before stamping or forming.
Upton & Sullivan -

Vibro Dynamics - Vibration isolation and shock control systems for metalforming punch presses, forging machinery, machine tools. Also for container, textile, plastic molding, and woodworking equipment.
Vibro Industries - Air transports is your best solution for conveying objects along assembly lines or for scrap removal from machine tools.