EM-C Curved Modular Chain Conveyor

The curved EM-C with plastic modular chain and a stainless steel frame is the right solution to convey products through a curve in any hygienically critical environment. For the curved part any angle between 15 and 180° can be made.

Additionally the EM-C comes in a very slim design. Because of the small inner radius it can be used in confined spaces. The frame is only 16 mm wider than the chain itself. And at the deflecting roller, the brackets only add 52 mm of width. The whole height including the chain is only 95 mm.

As a standard the EM-C can be produced in 4 different chain widths between 147 and 607 mm with a lead time of only a few days.
Its plastic modular chain can be easily cleaned and is especially hard wearing. Any broken or worn links can be exchanged individually, which allows rapid maintenance.

Before and after the curved part itself, a straight part should always be planned in to guarantee a smooth running of the belt. The minimum length is 500 mm each. Longer straight distances can of course also be included in the layout.

With the wide range of GEPPERT accessories available, the EM-C can easily be adapted to almost any specific need. For further details of our accessories please refer to the column “Lot of Accessories”.

To equip the EM-C with a support system, we recommend to use the two legged stainless steel design as shown on this page. It is infinitely adjustable in height and should be used in a number corresponding with the total length of the system.

Technical Specifications and Accessories

Belt widths:
147, 301, 454 and 607 mm. Other widths are available upon request.

Inner radius for width:
350 mm at 147 mm, 700 mm at 301 mm, 1050 mm at 454 mm and 1400 mm at 607 mm.

Distance between axes A1 and A2:
500 to 6.000 mm each. All intermediate lengths are possible.

from 15 to 180°. All intermediate angles are possible.

Drive with constant belt speed:
v = approx. 5,6 / 10,4 / 15,6 / 20,8 / 31,2 or 44,6 m/min.
Other belt speeds are possible on request.
Connection for 220/240 – 380/415 V, 50 Hz. Protection type IP 65.
This drive can be supplied together with a motor protection switch incorporating an emergency off. It has a 2 metre supply cable and CEE plug and is of protection type IP 65.

Drive with infinitely adjustable belt speed:
v = approx. 2,2-7,8 / 4,2-14,6 / 6,2-21,8 / 8,3-29,1 / 12,5-43,7 or 17,8-62,4 m/min.
Other belt speeds are possible on request.
The drive is supplied together with a frequency regulator that is ready to be plugged
to 230V 50 Hz and has a protection type of IP 65. The frequency controller incorporates a digital motor protection switch.

Geared motor positions:
Pulling the belt at its side, on the left or right.

Total belt load:
Standard is of 50 kg. Higher loads are possible on request.

EM-C Operating Manual