AM-Z-W Z-Shaped Modular Chain Conveyor

The AM-Z-W is a particularly robust flexible belt conveyor.

Its aluminium frame is 95 mm high and provided with groove profiles which can be used for easily attaching any accessories.
As a standard, the belt conveyor AM-Z-W is equipped with a cleated chain made of plastic modules and co-running side plates. A hopper with a fall-back flap is mounted on the feed end.

The length of the top and bottom horizontal and inclined parts can be adjusted to the individual application. However, a total length of 4 metres should not be exceeded. From the ground, the angle of inclination of the AM-Z-W can be adjusted in steps of 5° between 40° and 60°

The cleats may be 1, 2 or 3 inches high and their distance on the conveyor between one another can be freely selected in 1-inch steps. The plastic module chains of the AM-K have been approved by the FDA and are easy to clean. In addition, they are particularly hard-wearing and easy to maintain thanks to the possibility of replacing individual links.

As a standard, the horizontal part is provided with small rollers as support to enable an easy movement of the belt conveyor. A double stand can be inserted in the inclined part, as shown in the figure above. A mobile H-shaped pillar stand can also be used. All stand systems are infinitely adjustable in height.

Technical Specifications and Accessories

Useable belt widths (between the side plates) / Total belt widths:
136/228 mm, 212/304 mm, 288/380 mm, 364/456 mm, 440/532 mm, or 516/608 mm.

Distance between axes A1 horizontal bottom:    500 to 3,000 mm. Any desired lengths are

Distance between axes A2 inclined:                     500 to 3,000 mm. Any desired lengths are

Distance between axes A3 horizontal top:          500 to 3,000 mm. Any desired lengths are

Total length A1 + A2 + A3:                                          at most 4,000 mm.

Drive unit with constant belt speed:
V = approx. 5.6 / 10.4 / 15.6 / 20.8 / 31.2 or 44.6 m/min. Further belt speeds are available upon request. Supply for 220/240 – 380/415 V, 50 Hz. Protection type IP 54.
This drive unit can be delivered ready to be connected including a protective motor switch with an emergency stop and a power line of 2 meters length with a CEE plug. Protection type IP 54.

Drive unit with infinitely adjustable belt speed:
V = approx. 2.2-7.8 / 4.2-14.6 / 6.2-21.8 / 8.3-29.1 / 12.5-43.7 or 17.8-62.4 m/min.
Further belt speeds are available upon request.
The belt is delivered with a connected digital frequency controller, ready to be plugged in for 230 V, 50 Hz. Protection type IP 65.

Geared motor position:
The geared motor can be placed pulling on the left or right side. It can be turned in single steps by 90°.

Total belt load:
Standard load 30 kg. Higher loads are available upon request.

AM-Z-W Operating Manual